Biomedical Circuits and Systems
-Epileptic seizure detecting algorithm and circuitry
-Neuroprosthetic Devices
-Circuits and systems for brain-machine interface

     Digital Circuits
-System-on-Chip (SoC) design methodology
-Thermal and power management for VLSI
-Low power VLSI design
-Reconfigurable multi-processor architecture for mobile,  
  multimedia and biomedical applications
-Thermal and power aware multi-processor processing
  platform design

     Low-power Analog Integrated Circuits
-Data Converters:
•Low-Power Sigma-Delta ADCs
•Low-power low-voltage low-glitch current-steering DACs
-Sensors Circuits:
•Wide temperature range, high accuracy smart temperature sensor
•High-accuracy body temperature sensors
-Clock generator and data recovery circuits:
•Low-power low jitter CDR citcuits
•SATA-3 clock generator
•Programmable DLL-base clock generators for power  management applications